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Tuesday, November 15th 2011, 1:49am

Millennium World Peace Summit #6

The World Peace Summit of Religious Leaders was organized by Ted Turner, who is not himself really religious. He is a nice guy who tries to do some good with his money, but he doesn't feel it like a "divine call". Not that I ever talked to him (you could read about our attempt to get to his party in #3), but after the conference I read up on him a bit, because, as I had said, he was the only person there out of the main players whom I really liked. Here is what I think about his intentions organizing this whole circus:

All those religious leaders there thought that they were part of the solution to the world peace. Ted Turner, I think, thought that many of them, their religions and associated religious fanatics (and this was before September 11, 2001) were actually part of the problem. As a smart no nonsense guy he had decided to make the problem part of the solution. If he gets them together and somehow makes them interested with promise of fame, money and great photo ops, he will force them actually to sit together and talk to each other and maybe that way to avoid some friction around this whole bloody world. Yes, quite idealistic for a smart and no nonsense guy. But he has that spark of somebody, who will take the risk and go for things that nobody else would dare to go for. And sometimes he wins and sometimes he loses. That's the life. I am not anybody who has any credentials to comment on his life and decision. In numbers, his successes beat even my failures. I am just trying to explain certain things as I observed them.

The conference wasn't just about speeches and parties. They established working groups and different religious leaders were supposed to take on some projects together with each other to promote dialogue among religions and this way to contribute toward the world peace. It was a big networking opportunity for our swAmi. He cared more for getting to know important people and get their business cards than to really come up with some peace solving projects except, of course, for his conferences. You had wondered why he was doing so many of them? Now you now, he was doing his homework. Well, to judge how much all that contributed to world peace I leave up to you. :ten: (wtf) :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

I was so fed up with everything that I didn't pay much attention to people we were meeting or papers we were producing. I was on autopilot. Still functioning the way I was trained but inside completely absorbed in frustration and negativity. The stupidity and nonsense of swAmi's performance was so obvious that even the militant was shaken. Her well known headaches were running wild. My autopilot light usually expired as soon as we got to our room. Trying to explain stuff to each other through cynical humor of dead tired spiritual seekers was part of recharging process. But it stopped working for me. Tired but not being able to sleep at night, I would watch my friend and mentor SHH getting up before 5 in the morning and "meditating" with his mala (rosary) in his hand. He was always like that. Always making sure that he was the first one up. Before, I used to care, got up too and started working hard on my spiritual development while sitting in meditation (most of the time falling into sleep while doing it). This time I didn't care anymore. I thought that maybe there is something wrong with me, that I am missing something what he knows. Eventually the time came I had decided to ask him openly what he thought about all this crap. Don't you see it? It's crazy nonsense! He gave me just another saying nothing spiritual bull...t answer with: "Sw...ji knows how stupid this all is but he has to do it to save the humankind..." or something like that. Usually it somehow worked on me, but not this time. I withdrew from the openness to him and was just with myself. At the time I didn't know that when I was asking him, just about two weeks ago he misused his swami position to take sexual advantage of one of the down-under devotees. I didn't know at that time that there were many more like this. All that I have learned after this whole scandal broke out.

But back to the main swAmi. They also had TV doing interviews with all the participants. That was easy for Ted Turner, he was the Time Warner king at the time. Interview was very limited time-wise and also very general and "not really spiritual" as swAmi said. You know, the interviewer wasn't vegetarian, possibly had scrambled eggs for breakfast and didn't think that swAmi is the best thing what happened to planet Earth since the sliced bread. But there were also other non - Ted Turner media people there. Little guys and gals. There were two ladies from California doing their project for some esoteric channel on some TV there. They were not the youngest but they were pretty good looking (you cannot survive in California if you are not). And they were responding to swAmi's flirting play of a great master exactly how he wanted. We set up an interview for the next day and at least that made our master feel better about the whole TV thing.

The next day we had a long interview with those two ladies and swAmi was happy. SwAmi started having ideas how they could help us to expand to California. Next day we met them again. The militant told me that swAmi invited them last night to his room and they had a dinner. I was kind off surprised, but - whatever... They gave me their contact information that we can somehow connect after the conference. When I got back to Alexandria, VA to our ashram, I eventually called them (at swAmi's request).

"Hi, this is Rameshwarananda, you remember me? We met in New York at the Peace Summit. I was with Sw...ji."
"Oh yeah."
"Well, I was thinking that we could do some work on that project what you were talking about how to promote him down there."
"Well, you know, we are really busy right know, and will be busy for quite a while. We have no idea how long it will be. We will call you if we EVER have time. Don't call us."

I was ditched by girlfriends before, no explanation needed for me. But swAmi called me and wanted to know, what about California. Not much, master, they don't have time and sound like that they don't want to have anything to do with us. "Hmm, these Americans, nothing means anything to them. Forget about them then."

The reason why I am mentioning this not much telling episode is that I somehow knew the whole situation from before. When I came to the US I had a name and phone number in my pocket as yidl contact in Connecticut (New England) area (I found a charity agency in Vienna to sponsor me to come there and start my new life). "You are going where? Connecticut? Don't I have a disciple there? M., look it up." "Yes, Sw...ji, she lives in..." "OK, give the information to Rameshwarananda. When you come there, boy, call her. She loves Sw...ji a lot, she is a great bhakta." So when I settled in Hartford, CT (one of the places in the US I definitely don't want to see again - insurance companies town), I called her. First time, I got a message machine. So I had explained with my broken English that I was a disciple of swAmi and got the number from him and was looking forward to meet her. And I left my phone number for her to call me back. No response for few days, so I called again. This time I got just message from the phone company: "This number has been disconnected." That was fast. I felt strange about the whole thing. Next time I talked to swAmi on the phone, he asked me: "Have you contacted our disciple?" Yes, I did, Sw...ji. "And?" "The number had been disconnected after I left a message. "Hmm, these Americans, nothing means anything to them. Forget about her then." I don't know what happened in both of those cases exactly. But I had always had a strange feeling about the whole thing.

In Virginia he announced that I will go to Maha Kumbha Mela (even I wasn't planning that one) which was going to be in January 2001. I did go there and after coming back I called him (took few times before I could get him on the phone) and told him I was out.

Regarding the peace - the world would be much better place without people like him. I fully agree with Ted Turner on that one.

This is the end of the Millennium World Peace Summit series.

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Tuesday, November 15th 2011, 2:34pm

This story shows his manipulative character very well. He loves manipulation with people, but if someone jump out from his fairy-tale-he is not interested much. Many others puppets wait for his puppetering. Swami is just manipulative character, which is packed into nice words.....

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